Privacy policy

(Changes introduced with 8sms 1.45.1 and 1.46)

8sms includes Google Analytics for the purpose of providing usage information that will help with improving 8sms. If advertisements are disabled, then analytics are disabled as well.

8sms uses the "approximate location" permission to assist with providing targeted and relevant advertising. If advertisements are disabled, then this permission is not used.

(Privacy policy as of 8sms 1.44)

8sms contains advertising. This may include, but is not limited to, banner ads.

8sms does not collect any data about you or your contacts.

However, for the purposes of advertising, the ad networks used to source advertisements (ie. Google) for 8sms to display may have collected data about you in order to build an advertising profile. This data collection happens through means other than 8sms. 8sms does not contribute data towards building a profile about you.

8sms complies with the Google Android guidelines for respecting user privacy.

If interest-based ads are enabled in 8sms, 8sms may use keywords from the content of your messages for the purposes of contextual advertising. The keywords are not collected nor stored and do not contribute towards building an advertising profile about you. (This was planned but never implemented — 21/10/2014)

Old privacy policy

(Up to, and including, 8sms 1.43)

8sms does not collect any data about you, your contacts, your messages, or how you use 8sms.