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Material theme for 8sms is here! (BETA)

After a very long wait (for which I apologise), the Material version of 8sms is finally here ... albeit only as a BETA for now.

The Material theme of 8sms should work natively on Android Lollipop devices. For older devices (Android Jelly Bean and KitKat), full Material is not available so there's a compatibility layer which gives about 80-90% of Material.

8sms: To be continued for now

It has been a bit more than a month since I wrote the preceding article 8sms: The end of the road?.

I apologise for the delay in following up — I should have posted an update earlier. As usual, I got too immersed into 8sms development (and also other things).

One month after the "pivot" of 8sms from being a free app to being a "trialware" app, here are some comments:

8sms: The end of the road?

It is with a sad and heavy heart that I write this. Unfortunately, 8sms is at a crossroads and, indeed, this may be the end of the road of 8sms as you know it.

Pending a dramatic change of fortune or some unforeseen event, my ongoing development of 8sms is financially unsustainable and needs to be reconsidered.

88sms is renamed to 8sms

It turns out that 88sms is not a good name for an app. Whilst 88 is a lucky number in some cultures, it is reviled in others. Hence, the choice of 88sms as a name was unfortunate and more research should have been done.

Accordingly, the app 88sms has been renamed to 8sms. This new name should be more palatable to everyone and yet retain some continuity and resemblance to the old name.

To keep with this new name, the website has moved from to Email addresses have also moved from the domain to Please update your references accordingly.

Thank you.

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