MMS Settings

Incorrect MMS configuration is a common cause of mms problems. To fix this, please follow the instructions below.

1. Find out what the correct MMS settings are for your network.

There are three values involved: MMSC (Multimedia message service center), MMS Proxy and MMS Port. (MMS Proxy and MMS Port may be blank for your network.)

The MMS settings may be stored in your device's Android system at Settings » Mobile Networks » Access Point Names (your device may have a different settings structure). Choose an access point with an APN type of mms or default and look for the MMSC, MMS Proxy and MMS Port values.

If the MMS settings are not stored in your phone, you may have to search the Internet or ask your network operator for the correct values.

2. Enter the MMS settings into 8sms

Visit Settings » MMS Settings in 8sms.

If the values for MMSC, MMS Proxy and MMS Port are already correct, you can skip to the next step.

Otherwise, you have to override the defaults to enter the correct values.

Overriding default settings

If copying from the Android system settings, you can use copy-and-paste.


To override the default for any of the MMSC, MMS Proxy or MMS Port settings, you must enter a value for the MMSC. If the default MMSC value is already correct, just re-enter it again.

Even if you want to override only the MMS Proxy or the MMS Port, you must enter a value for the MMSC (but you can enter the default MMSC value if it is correct).

MMS Proxy and Port

After a value for the MMSC has been entered, next, enter values for the MMS Proxy and MMS Port.

If you wish to override the MMS Proxy and MMS Port to be empty, just enter a blank value for the MMS Proxy (If the MMS Proxy is empty, the MMS Port is not used).

3. Stop and restart 8sms

8sms needs to be restarted for the settings to take effect.

You can do this by visiting Settings » Apps » 8sms and pressing Force stop.

4. Send a new mms message

Then, test by sending a NEW mms message. Changes in the MMS settings only affect new mms messages.

MMS over Wifi

If your cellular network (ie. Sprint) supports mms over wifi, you can enable Settings » MMS Settings » MMS over Wifi.

If your cellular network does not support mms over wifi (or you are not sure), then DO NOT enable MMS over Wifi or mms will stop working.

User agent and user agent profile (uaprof) url

Some mobile networks (ie. Softbank) require special values for the User agent, User agent profile url (uaprof url) and User agent profile tag settings. If you know what the values are for your network, you can enter them.

Otherwise, or if you are unsure, DO NOT change these values from the defaults.