Material theme for 8sms is here! (BETA)

After a very long wait (for which I apologise), the Material version of 8sms is finally here ... albeit only as a BETA for now.

The Material theme of 8sms should work natively on Android Lollipop devices. For older devices (Android Jelly Bean and KitKat), full Material is not available so there's a compatibility layer which gives about 80-90% of Material.

You can get the Material BETA from the 8sms website:

This can be installed over your existing version of 8sms and you will still retain the ability to update from Google Play in the future. There is no need for an uninstall and reinstall.

EDIT: 8sms still defaults to the old "Classic" theme. To enable the Material theme, please go to Settings » Appearance and choose a theme (and also optionally tick the Floating action button checkbox).

If all goes well, this will make it into the next Google Play release as 1.49 (fingers crossed!).

Please note this is only a BETA and I expect a wide variety of opinions, both negative and positive, on whether it's been done well (or not). There are likely to be bugs and accidental omissions here and there.

Notably, the quick-reply pop up has not been themed. I'm not quite sure what to do about that.


Thank you all for your continued support of 8sms.