Low quality mms images

Images sent using mms usually have to be resized to fit within applicable limits. If you are experiencing low quality images when you send mms, then you may be hitting these limits.

To adjust these limits, visit Settings » Message limits in 8sms.

However, please be careful about setting the Maximum message size value to be too large.

Mobile networks enforce a size limit for mms messages (which is usually 300 kB). If you send a message which is too large for the sending AND the receiving network, then it may be rejected and your message will not be delivered.

If you change the Maximum message size value, please make sure you test that your messages are still being sent successfully. The Maximum message size value should satisfy the size limit of the network you are on AND the network you sending to.

Some carriers may have a different message size limit. For example:

AT&T: 600 KB
Verizon: 1.2 MB
T-Mobile: 1MB (450 KB if sending to AT&T)