Launcher icon removed from home screen each reboot

If you use 8sms with an application icon that is not the default icon (ie. you are using the green icon), and the 8sms application icon disappears from the launcher or home screen at each reboot (or each restart of the launcher app), you may be experiencing this issue.

It seems that a recent update to a Google software component (the most suggested culprit is Google Play Services) has introduced this bug by Google.

It affects Google Nexus phones or phones which use a Google launcher for the home screen. A small minority of other launcher apps may also be affected, but most other launchers are not affected.

If you add the green 8sms icon to the launcher or home screen, then when the phone reboots (or if you force stop and restart the launcher), the 8sms icon may disappear.

This appears to be caused by a bug in Google Play Services (or some other Google software) which is causing the launcher to ignore or remove the 8sms icon. It is not known whether this is a bug or an intentional change by Google.

However, it is NOT a bug in 8sms. It's a defect in Google's software. For example, this issue does not arise when using launcher apps by phone manufacturers (such as Samsung).

Temporary solution

Currently, the temporary solution for this is to download and install a version of 8sms which has a work-around for this issue.

These can be found on the downloads page:

by selecting the corresponding version which ends with "-googlefix".

For example, if visit the "About" page in 8sms and see that you are using version 1.XX (where XX is a number), then you should install 8sms-1.XX-googlefix.apk.

For example, if you are currently using 8sms version 1.43, you should install 8sms-1.43-googlefix.apk.