High battery usage

There appears to be some situations relating to mms when 8sms may cause high battery usage.

When receiving or sending mms, 8sms creates and acquires a wakelock ("MMS Connectivity"). This wakelock keeps the device on so that mms transactions can take place. When the mms transactions are completed, the wakelock is released and the device can return to sleep.

Normally this works correctly and the device is not kept awake for too long.

However, in some situations, the wakelock is not released or an mms transaction is continually being re-tried. This means that the phone is kept on and unable to sleep. Needless to say, this is a drain on the battery.

The symptoms of this are high battery usage, a large number of wakelocks, or a high "keep awake" duration for 8sms.

If you encounter this problem, there are a number of things to consider:

Incorrect MMS settings

Check your MMS configuration. Incorrect or blank values can result in mms transactions continually failing and being retried, or other funny behaviour.

See MMS Settings and check that your settings are correct.

Enable mobile data

Some Android devices require that mobile data is enabled before a mms connection is allowed. This seems to be true for Nexus phones using Android 4.4.x KitKat. Some Samsung phones are also affected.

If there are pending mms transactions but a mms connection is not available because mobile data is off, this may cause 8sms to continually retry unsuccessfully.

To fix this, in the 8sms settings, find the setting Multimedia (MMS) Messages » Enable MMS and set it to:

  • When mobile data is on - This will configure 8sms to enable mms when mobile data becomes available. Then, in order to use mms, you have to enable mobile data.


  • Always (enable mobile data) - This will configure 8sms to temporarily enable mobile data in order to use mms, and then disable mobile data afterwards*.

*Please note that choosing Always (enable mobile data) may result in mobile data usage charges which may cost you money. Furthermore, if you kill or force stop 8sms whilst in the middle of an mms transaction, mobile data may not be disabled in time and this could cost you money.

Unsent mms messages

You may have mms messages which are pending to be sent but failing for some reason. This may result in 8sms repeatedly trying to send a message. Locate any such possible messages and delete them.

Received mms messages not downloaded

You may have mms messages which are being downloaded but failing for some reason. This may result in 8sms repeatedly trying to download the contents of a message. Locate any such possible messages and delete them.

If you are using 8sms in Stand-alone mode (for Android 4.3 or lower) or 8sms is the default sms app (for Android 4.4 or higher) and you usually have trouble downloading mms messages, then you may wish to disable Auto-retrieve.

Stop and restart 8sms

Finally, a possible temporary work-around is to stop and restart the app. You can stop 8sms by using the app/task switcher and swiping the app away, or you can force stop 8sms in the Android settings. Once stopped, 8sms will restart automatically when needed.

Restarting 8sms should temporarily get rid of the problem, but if it is not fixed, it can occur again in the future.

Further help

If this problem still persists, please contact me so I can investigate further.

Thank you.