Dual SIM Support

Dual SIM is currently not supported in 8sms for technical reasons.

Unfortunately, dual SIM support is not a standardised part of Android. Officially, Android does not support dual SIM. Instead, manufacturers of dual SIM phones extend Android using their own private methods, but these are not made public.

Since there is no public or standardised documentation of how to implement dual SIM functionality, it will be long and difficult task to reverse engineer dual SIM support for every phone manufacturer (ie. Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola etc.) and phone.

Please be patient.

If you are an advanced Android user (ie. you know how to root your phone or use adb) with a dual SIM phone, you can help us.

Please drop us a message and tell us what phone, carrier and version of Android you are using.

When we eventually have the time to work on dual SIM (which is unfortunately not likely to be soon), we will contact you to help with testing. Thank you.