The easiest way to download and install 8sms is through Google Play.

Please use Google Play if you can.

If you cannot use Google Play or you are looking for older versions, you can download from the releases directory.

Please note only major releases (1.XX) are full public releases (and hence, also distrbuted on Google Play).

To find out what is the latest version of 8sms, please see the changelog.

To be notified of new releases, please subscribe to the 8sms releases rss feed.

Beta and release candidates

Point releases (X.YY.Z), beta (-betaX) and release candidate (-rcX) versions of 8sms are interim versions for testing and development and may be unstable or have bugs. Use them at your own risk, and only if directed or you know what you are doing.

Generally, it is possible to upgrade or downgrade between a beta/RC version and the Google Play production version of the previous release. For example, between versions 1.30 and 1.31-rcX of 8sms.

Otherwise, changing between other versions of 8sms requires an uninstall and new install (and losing all your 8sms settings).