Dark-tinted or dimmed images

This is a problem that has started occurring recently.

When pressing on an mms image in 8sms, the image is displayed with a dark tint or a dim shadow over it.

The problem is not in 8sms. The problem is in the app that has been selected for displaying mms images.

When you press on an mms image in 8sms, 8sms tells the system (ie. Android) to display the image, and the system uses an app to display it. Previously, this would be the built-in app "Gallery" (which is a standard part of Android).

However, for some reason, some phones are now displaying images using Google+ Photos and Google+ Photos displays downloaded images with dimming:

Google photos app dimming?!

To fix this problem, you need to set the selected app for displaying mms images back to the Gallery app.

One way to achieve this is the following:

  1. Go to Settings » Apps » ... » Google+ and press the Clear defaults button.
  2. Go back to 8sms and press on an mms image and choose to display it in Gallery.

Furthermore, if you have trouble being able to choose the app to use, you may be experiencing this problem:

KitKat's Share Dialog Can Forget To Give You A Choice Of Apps To Share To, Set Your Last Used App As The Default