Custom vibrate pattern

To create your own custom vibrate pattern, enter a string like 0,800,200,800,200,800 where the numbers represent vibration durations in milliseconds.

For example, 0,800,200,800,200,800 means to vibrate for 800ms, then off for 200ms, then on again for 800ms, then off again for 200ms and then on again for 800ms.

These are the inbuilt vibrate patterns:

  • Medium Vibrate: 0,1200
  • Long Vibrate: 0,2500
  • Multiple Short: 0,300,100,300,100,300,100,300,100,300
  • Multiple Long: 0,800,200,800,200,800

A user has suggested the following vibrate pattern to mimic the iPhone: 0,200,100,500