Can't send or receive mms

There are a number of issues which may cause sending or receiving of mms to fail.

Incorrect MMS settings

The most common cause is incorrect MMS configuration. See MMS Settings and check that your settings are correct.

Then, test by sending a NEW mms message. Changes in the MMS settings only affect new mms messages.

If you get a message saying there are too many unsent mms messages, please see "Too many unsent multimedia messages" below.

Mobile data

Another common potential cause is mobile data being turned off.

On some Android phones, mobile data may need to be enabled for mms to work. This seems to be true for Nexus phones using Android 4.4.x KitKat or later. Some Samsung phones are also affected.

In the 8sms settings, find the setting Multimedia (MMS) Messages » Enable MMS and set it to:

  • When mobile data is on - This will configure 8sms to enable mms when mobile data becomes available. Then, in order to use mms, you have to enable mobile data.


  • Always (enable mobile data) - This will configure 8sms to temporarily enable mobile data in order to use mms, and then disable mobile data afterwards (but see the notes immediately below).

Notes on Always (enable mobile data):

  • Choosing Always (enable mobile data) may result in mobile data usage charges which may cost you money. Furthermore, if you kill or force stop 8sms whilst in the middle of an mms transaction, mobile data may not be disabled in time and this could COST YOU MONEY.
  • As of Lollipop, Android no longer allows third party apps to enable or disable mobile data. If you choose Always (enable mobile data), you may get an error message "Unable to enable mobile data." indicating that this option no longer works.
    • If you have a rooted phone, you may be able to use Always (enable mobile data) by installing 8sms as a system app (but this is unconfirmed).

Too many unsent multimedia messages

If you get the message Can't send message right now. Too many unsent multimedia messages, you have too many unsent (or failed to be sent) mms messages.

If there are too many mms messages waiting to be sent (or failed to be sent), then 8sms won't allow you to send any new mms messages. This is to avoid clogging up the queue.

This restriction will occur when the total size of all the unsent messages is more than four times the mms message size limit. With default settings, this happens when there are more than 1.2 megabytes worth of unsent messages.

To fix this issue, find any unsent mms messages and delete them. To delete a message, long press on it and select Delete.

MMS message size too large

Most network providers have a standard maximum mms message size limit of 300 kilobytes. If the mms message you are sending is too large, it may be rejected by the network.

To adjust the message size limit in 8sms, see Settings » Message limits.

Be careful about setting this limit too high. If you set it to a value larger than 300 kilobytes, you should test that large messages are still accepted for sending by your network provider.

Adblock Plus

If you are using Adblock Plus on your phone, please disable it. Adblock Plus is known to interfere and block mms sending.

MMS over wifi

If your cellular network (ie. Sprint) supports mms over wifi, this might be automatically enabled in 8sms. You could try disabling mms over wifi in case that is a problem.

If your cellular network does not support mms over wifi (or you are not sure), then definitely ensure that mms over wifi is disabled.

To check (or disable) the status of mms over wifi in 8sms, see Settings » MMS Settings » MMS over Wifi.

Wifi calling

The T-Mobile network (in the United States) has a feature called 'Wifi calling' which can prevent mms from working properly. If you are on this network, and your phone has support for Wifi calling, please try disabling Wifi calling in order to send or receive mms.

Alternatively, 8sms has been known to work with Wifi calling on some phones (this is dependant on the ROM). To test whether 8sms is able to send or receive mms whilst Wifi calling is active, try turning on mms over wifi (see the section above). If it doesn't work, please remember to turn mms over wifi back off (otherwise it may break mms entirely).

There are unconfirmed reports that installing 8sms as a system app may help with Wifi calling.

User agent and user agent profile (uaprof) url

Some mobile networks (ie. Softbank) require special values for the User agent or User agent profile url settings (from MMS Settings). Please check with your mobile carrier whether this applies to you.

Some possible values to try for the user agent profile url are:

Message stuck at "Sending"

If you send mms messages and they are stuck at "Sending", try this:

  1. Go to the MMS Settings and change the value of User agent profile url to
    • Note: Don't enter this value by hand. Instead, use copy-and-paste.
    • Note: This is a non-existent url. That's alright. It's supposed to be this way.
  2. Force stop 8sms. If you do not know how to force stop an app, then reboot your phone instead.
  3. Start 8sms and test by sending an mms message to your own phone number.

If this doesn't work, try using the url instead.

"Service not activated on network"

This is a general error message that can be transmitted from the network to 8sms, and can be caused by several factors. Known causes of this error message include:

  • The message is too large to be sent. See "MMS message size too large" above.
  • The mobile network is not accepting the user agent or user agent profile url value used by 8sms. Please see "User agent and user agent profile (uaprof) url" above.

Since this is a general error message, it can also appear for other reasons.


Some carriers require mms transactions to include an additional MDN parameter in the request. Anecdotal examples of this can be found on the Internet:

Whilst X-MDN seems to be the most commonly cited, some carriers may use variants. For example, Verizon may use X-VZW-MDN instead of X-MDN.

To add this parameter, experiment with any of the following:

Appending MDN to the MMSC

In the 8sms settings, go to Multimedia (MMS) Messages » MMS Settings and add the string ?X-MDN=1234567890 to the MMSC field, but replace 1234567890 with your own phone number. (You may need to re-enter the MMSC if it is blank.)

For example, the MMSC would look something like this:


Test by composing a NEW mms message and sending it to yourself.

Including MDN as a http header

To include the MDN as a http header, in the 8sms settings, go to Multimedia (MMS) Messages » MMS Settings and enter the following in the "Extra http headers" field:

X-MDN: 1234567890

but replace 1234567890 with your phone number. Alternatively, you can also enter:

X-MDN: ##LINE1##

and 8sms will replace ##LINE1## with your phone number (if it is available to 8sms).

Test by composing a NEW mms message and sending it to yourself.

If you still can't send or receive mms

If you still can't send or receive mms, please send us a message and we'll try to help.

Thank you.