8sms: A better stock messaging app for Android

Stock messaging app with useful updates and enhancements.
The latest and best from Android and CyanogenMod.
No bloat. No fuss.
Just a better stock app.

8sms is a port of the Android stock messaging (sms and mms) app with a few extra useful features then added on. The current version is ported from Android 4.3 and CyanogenMod 10.2.

Notable features

• Quick reply pop-ups
• Gesture based templates
• Emoji support
• Optional dark theme
• Clean and no bloat

Install this app if you want to use features from the latest Android messaging app without having to wait for a full phone software update.


8sms is available at Google Play (or see the Download page).

If you have issues using 8sms, or just want to contact us, please email: support@8s.ms

Thank you.